Sea Container Bathroom

The shipping container bathroom work is underway and is the final room to get completed. When finished it will have a corner shower, wash stand and a composting toilet. The bathroom will also house the washer & dryer and solar hot water tank.
 Corner shower stall drain pipe installed. The support beams were cut using a cutting torch to install the 2" drain pipe.

  Washing machine hose box installed
 Drain hose for composting toilet installed.
This was the best place in the container to put the bathroom in my opinion as there are only to small boards that need to be removed to access and install all the drain pipes. A #4 phillips bit is required to remove the screws.
This is the grey water septic tank I made from a 55 gal. plastic drum.
I am only using a 2" line from the cabin to the grey water tank and it handles everything from doing laundry to showers without a problem.
I installed a vent on top of the tank, maybe not necessary, but I thought it would help in letting air escape when a large amount of water is going into the tank, with just a two inch line I thought there may be a chance of getting air locked or a chance of slowing down the flow without the extra vent. A two inch schedule 40 pvc pipe fits nice and snug in the threaded openings.    
Making progress!
With all the rough in plumbing finished, I am now putting up walls, and  fixtures.     

Over vanity lights are 12 volt.

Corner shower getting installed.
Rough in plumbing for the hot water tank. It will be a solar water heater with 110 volt backup
 Stack washer and dryer plumbed and running now.

 Composting toilet is up and going now. 
Some may find this hard to believe, but this composting toilet has less odor after using then a conventional stool.
This is the first composting toilet I have ever had any experience with and so far I am liking it. Although they are pretty large, Talk about the throne, you do feel like you are on one sitting atop of this :)   
 Shower and back wall finished. 
Antler towel rack beside the shower.
 Wash stand and sink finished. This was a antique mirrored dresser that I purchased and converted it to a wash stand.
   Solar hot water tank beside the washer is the last thing that needs to be done for a fully functional shelter, although fully functional now, just no hot water yet.
It has taken just about one year to  get to this point.